Website Design

Your website is a critical part of your business marketing – to provide information and display your products or services in your online ‘shop window’, or to allow people to buy directly from you through an e-commerce site.

Mobile friendly, fully responsive website design and development by WIZZOO

Whatever the purpose of your website, it needs to be designed and have the visual and functional features required to engage with customers. Delivering an engaging and informative user experience will result in a higher percentage of visitors who take a desired action (conversion rate) – to contact you directly, make an enquiry through an online form, or make a purchase directly from your website.

We understand that your website is at the forefront of making that crucial first impression and contact with potential new customers.

Our website design process ensures that all our client websites are designed and developed with this purpose firmly in mind, offering a great user experience on any device, to maximise enquiries and conversion rate.

From a recent comScore measure in January 2017, 61% of customers used a mobile device to view or make a purchase from a website. It is therefore critical to ensure your website is fully responsive and can work on any device – desktop, tablet or smartphone.

All our websites are designed and developed using a fully responsive framework, to ensure a great user experience and a high conversion rate on any device.

We utilise the latest website design and development tools and technologies, to create great user experiences and generate high conversion rates.

Our Process

Our website design and development process comprises of 10 Key Stages, which are carefully project managed to ensure timely delivery of the agreed objectives, at the agreed project cost.

  • Project Definition
  • Project Initiation
  • Structure & Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Site Development
  • Content Population
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Browser and Functional Testing
  • Website Launch
  • Website Management & Maintenance

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